MPI uses progressive equipment to provide our clients with a complete and thorough inspection:

- digital infrared temperature sensor

- gas leak detectors

- electrical circuit analyzers

- etc.


The typical home inspection will include the following



Roof Structure

Roof Covering

Interior Walls

Attic Ventilation

Driveways and Walks


Plumbing System

Ducts and Vents

Kitchen Appliances

Garage Door Openers

Attic Insulation


Exterior Walls

Cooling System

Electrical System

Doors and Windows

Water Heater(s)
Sprinkler Systems
Pest Control

Heating System
Swimming Pools & Spas
... and more

Prior to the inspection, you should verify the following:

- That all utilities (electric, water, gas) will be turned on.

- That all locks are removed or unlocked from areas that may prohibit inspector accessibility such as electric panel boxes, attics, doors, etc.

- That all areas of the house are accessible for inspection such as electric panels, attic, heating/cooling equipment, etc.

- That all pets will be secured at the time of the inspection.